[Oberon] SMTP tunnel and VPN.

peasthope at cablelan.net peasthope at cablelan.net
Sun Jun 10 22:27:19 MEST 2007

At Mon, 26 Mar 2007 04:54:06 +0800 W B Hacker wrote,
> It could, for example, be failing because you have no cert in place.

Yes, /var/sys/exim4/mainlog confirmed,
2007-05-17 08:38:28 TLS error on connection from 
  [] (no TLS server certificate is specified)

According to my understanding of the Wikipedia 
article on OpenVPN Infrastructure, a tunnel is 
a special case of a VPN.  In the simplest VPN 
case, a shared static key is used for symmetrical 
encryption.  An authentication certificate is 
not required.

For this VPN I need to make a key on the server 
and tell exim to use it.  Then transport the 
key to the Oberon and have Guenther's software 
use it.

Probably I can make a 3DES key in Debian.  Get 
exim4 to use it--maybe.  Oberon SSH.Tool doesn't 
mention how to use a given key.  Any hints?

Thanks,       ... Peter E.

Desktops.OpenDoc  http://carnot.pathology.ubc.ca/

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