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Dear Peter,
Hang at system reboot: This happens when a module termination handler traps and therefore depends on what modules are loaded. On our maschines, the reboot works. The only way to find the module that causes the hang in a reasonable time is tracing using a serial port... If you have loaded some modules that aren't loaded by default (Crazy Fresh Release), you could try to reboot without these modules being loaded. 
AosPCITools.Scan: This is a AOS command. If you want to use this under Oberon, you need to call it using "Aos.Call AosPCITools.Scan ~". You can, however, use the command PCITools.Scan under Oberon.
USB: The USB OHCI host controller driver fails to load because it expects that the host controller has bus mastering enabled.
Background: Most PCI drivers in AOS expect that the BIOS has already configured the PCI devices, i.e. assigned a I/Obase address, IRQ, ...
I haven't seen any USB host controller up to now for which bus mastering is not enabled at system startup, therefore the AOS driver does not enable it.
As a first step, have a look in the BIOS setup of your computer. If you find something like "Plug and Play OS", try to set it to "No" (BIOS shall configure devices). If you find something like "USB legacy support", try to set it to "Yes".
If this doesn't solve the problem, please send me the output of PCITools.Scan (or AosPCITools.Scan).
Sven Stauber


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While I think of it, System Reboot in the menu
has the same effect as System Shutdown.  Both
leave a blue screen with a mouse arrow.  In
Oberon / PC Native 05.01.2003 System.Reboot works.

> ... output of AosPCITools.Scan?

Call error: AosPCITools.Scan not found

But AOS:AosPCITools.Obj exists.  So a
problem deeper than just USB exists.

> ... contents of the kernel log ...

Aos 3.4.07
AosATADisks: Scanning PCI bus for IDE & SATA class devices ...
AosATADisks: Found PCI device on bus 0, device 1, function 1
AosATADisks: Adding controller 01F0, 03F0, FCF0, IRQ: 14: IDE0..1,
Bus-master enabled, DMA not supported, Compact Flash

AosATADisks: Adding controller 0170, 0370, FCF8, IRQ: 15: IDE2..3,
Bus-master enabled
IDE0: 11497MB, LBA, ATA/ATAPI-4, Ultra DMA 2, QUANTUM Bigfoot
TX12.0AT, ver 4.17
IDE1: 497MB, LBA, CompactFlash, removable, no DMA, SAMSUNG CF/ATA
IDE2: ATAPI direct access device, removable (RMSN), no DMA, IOMEGA
IDE3: ATAPI cd-rom device, removable, MW DMA 2, CD-524EA-B
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#3
AosDiskFS: 58996K of 119968K available on IDE0#3
AosDiskVolumes: IDE0#2
AosDiskFS: 84492K of 119968K available on IDE0#2
AosDiskVolumes: IDE1#3
AosDiskFS: 185100K of 302892K available on IDE1#3
{P0 AosDisplayLinear: GlobalSetCacheProperties = 1505}
AosDriverDatabase: Enabled driver lookup service.
{P0 AosUsb: USB driver loaded.}
AosUsb: Driver UsbHub (USB Hub Driver) has been added.
AosUsbOhci: Busmastering is disabled.
AosUsb: Driver UsbStorage (USB Mass Storage Driver) has been added.
Default font installedOpenType 0.45 BBPort /3.12.2004  eos, pl
WindowManager: Manager.New finished
WindowManager: Disp.format =     2
{P0 Bottom up...New background-->Mouse Cursor-->NIL
{P0 ETH Oberon / Aos 3.4.07}

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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