[Oberon] I could REALLY use a Linux-Bluebottle hybrid right about now.

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Wed Aug 22 13:54:37 MEST 2007

Am Montag 20 August 2007 20:45 schrieb Søren Renner:
> Like WinAos. Or even without the windowing system. I estimate that
> Bluebottle on this board (hosted on Linux or Bluebottle native) would run my
> tracer 10 times faster at least than this Core Duo box I am using now.
> Can someone help me?

There exists an alpha release of UnixAos (Solaris, Linux, MacOS) at


The upcoming next alpha (0.5) will be more stable. And it will be able
to use the Bluebottle windowmanager.

-- Guenter

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