[Oberon] Suggestions for AosInst.Tool

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 22 18:24:48 MEST 2007

Folk, particularly Sven & Ulla,

AosInst.Tool allows the most efficient installation of an 
OS that I have ever used.  Nevertheless here are some 
small details to improve.

The third line begins, "Execute the following on Native 
Oberon 12.12.00 or ..." but Oberon does not have OFSTools.
Section 3 should read,
FileSystem.Mount AOS AosFS ^        in Oberon 
OFSTools.Mount AOS AosFS ^          in Aos

Section 0b should read "... will be formatted".

Section 5c should read "edit disk#partition and choose ...".

Section 3.  "A contribution can be subject to license." would 
be better than "Files provided as contributions can be subject 
to different licenses."

I know this file is under Pieter's copyright; asking his 
permission is worth the trouble.  The OFSTools problem 
discourages a novice and spelling errors just appear bad.

Thanks,         ... Peter E.


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