Re (2): [Oberon] Comments in PPP modules.

Thomas Frey thomas.frey at
Mon Oct 8 21:41:48 MEST 2007

3rd one needs some work:
"Commented out:The trick is to somehow collect all the characters that
can be sent without escaping (EscSymbol). Once we come across a
character that needs escaping, we send all the previously collected
characters followed by the escaped character."

The comment is for the code that is commented out. It is probably some
kind of "optimized code" that was translated and when it did not work
was finally replaced by the version below the commented-out code.
>From what I can tell the active code is better anyways (simpler). If
optimization is needed, AosIO could be used to collect the characters
in a much simpler way.


On 10/8/07, peasthope at <peasthope at> wrote:
> Thomas & others,
> > "Pustekuchen, macht Devicepolling"
> tf> "Far from it, does device polling"
> Could it be referring to communication
> with the remote system?
> tf> out of context translation ;-)
> OK.  I've thought about your translation
> and the context.  Anyone interested can
> see my current best guesses.
> There is a third comment beginning
> "auskommentiert:" which is even more difficult.
> If Thomas or anyone else has time to open
> my file, read my translations of the 3
> comments and suggest improvements, that
> will be appreciated.
> Thanks,        ... Peter E.
> Desktops.OpenDoc
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