[Oberon] 3Com 3c905B in Aos

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Fri Oct 12 01:46:32 MEST 2007


A 3c905B works in Oberon.  This is from the PCIScan.Text.

Bus 0, device 10, function 0: class/rev 02000030, vendor/device 10B79055, status/cmd 02100017
	Class: Network controller, Sub-class: Ethernet controller
	Vendor: 3Com Corporation, Device: 3c905B 100BaseTX [Cyclone]
		128B I/O at 0000FC00 - 0000FC7F
		128B 32-bit memory at FEDEEC00 - FEDEEC7F

In Aos 2007-06-26 (ie. release prior to current crazy), 
AosConfig.XML has this.

	<Section name="NetConfig">
		<Setting name="IPForwarding" value="FALSE" />
		<Setting name="EchoReply" value="TRUE" />
		<Setting name="PreferredProtocol" value="4" />
		<Section name="IPv4">
			<Section name="AutoNetConfig">
				<Setting name="Enabled" value="FALSE" />
			<Section name="Interface">
				<Setting name="Device" value="3Com90x#0" />
				<Setting name="Name" value="localv4" />
				<Setting name="Domain" value="pathology.ubc.ca" />
				<Setting name="DHCP" value="FALSE" />
				<Setting name="LocalAdr" value="" />
				<Setting name="Gateway" value="" />
				<Setting name="Netmask" value="" />
				<Setting name="DNS" value="" />
               ... etc.
Still, no evidence of network access.  Is the value 
for the Device correct above?  Does anyone have 
a 3c905B working in Aos?  Any other ideas?

Thanks,             ... Peter E.


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