[Oberon] WinAos 3.07

Felix Friedrich felix.friedrich at inf.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 5 12:15:59 MET 2007

Hi everyone,
a new version of WinAos has just been released.
It may be downloaded from http://www.winaos.de = 
Also, there you find a (yet very) short new documentation on WinAos 
including some comments on the directory structure etc.

some of the modifications:

adapted to current AOS release. Completely new directory layout

    * WinAos now embedded in Aos directory
    * file myAos.config can be used to override standard configuration
      in Aos.Text

new WinAos features:

    * file system now automatically detects new / removed windows drives
    * it is now possible to write to Aos (and other) partitions directly
      using Win32.AosWinDisks.Mod (cave!!) i.e. it is possible to read,
      write and install native Aos partitions from within WinAos.


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