[Oberon] One Laptop Per Child

Aubrey McIntosh aubrey.mcintosh at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 17:26:14 MET 2007

>From time to time, I think it would be good if the Oberon community
had some common platform that most of us have access to.  Please don't
worry, I'm sure I will go on to more productive pursuits soon.

Today I read a notice that the One Laptop Per Child group is
introducing a buy 1 get 1 program.  Buy 2 for USD $400, one goes to a
developing country, one to you.

A brief look at the web page below did not give me much enlightenment
on the hardware.  Does anyone on the list know more, or even have a
beta machine?

See http://laptop.org/

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Xavier University of Louisiana
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