[Oberon] Re: Glur re. google-maps ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Nov 10 11:07:26 MET 2007

> I have had a look but can't recognise the airfield, do you have 
> the lat/lon? The river is quite full and clearly visible although 
> the picture is not as high resolution (1 metre) as some maps in GE.
I believe the airfield is lat=27 30.05, lon ~ 26 53'
Apparently the road to JHB is at  ~50 degrees - leaving Parys 
 and a rail-line leaves at 100 degrees, later turning to ~135 degrees;
 and another rail-line leaves at 180 degrees, later turning to ~255 degrees.

Apparently the airfield is just north of the JHB road, perhaps on a small
 by-road ?

> I'm sure we can do something. GE will print a map or I can do a screen 
> save in *.jpg

Thanks, what ever's easiest to email.

== Chris Glur.

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