[Oberon] ANN: UnixAos rel. 0.6

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Thu Nov 22 19:03:38 MET 2007

Hi all Oberon and Bluebottle fans

The last alpha release (0.6) of UnixAos is now available at


It is usable on the x86 variants of Solaris, Linux and MacOSX (Darwin).

Starting with this release UnixAos comes up with the BlueBottle window-
manager. The Oberon desktop has been integrated and can be started 
from within the windowmanager.

Current state of the system:

    - The SAFE attribute of active objects has no effect. As a result the 
      system gets frozen (or partly frozen) if a message sequenzer 
      (WMMessages.MsgSequencer) traps!
      Especially in the Darwin port this happens often as a result of an 
      unidentified X11-IO-error.

    - There is no sound output.

    - The system contains no hardware drivers. If you want to read from or 
      write to hardware interfaces you must access these as ordinary Unix 
      device files.

    - The network stuff (Unix/AosUDP, Unix/AosTCP) needs more testing. Is 
      seems to be very slow when using the BB browser.

The next release will have support for 'safe' active objects and hopefully be 
in beta state.

-- Guenter

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