[Oberon] Re: Web servers

J ö rg Straube joerg.straube at iaeth.ch
Thu Jan 1 13:44:18 MET 2009

Hi Chris

> Will it be economic to have a home-server, when boxes can be shutdown
> and rebooted to the 'same state' by saving the relevevant RAM conditions
> to disk ?

What you describe here is called persistance and John Drake pointed
out possible solutions to it.

However, I think SERVERS are a little "special": They don't need
(complicated) persistence. I mean, they sit there on the internet
and wait for client requests. After answering the request they
sit there and wait again.

When a server boots up, the configuration files will start all
processes that wait for requests. The only thing I had to do
on my server was to program the computer's power controller in
a special way: If the power is cut by accident and will be back
again after a while, I had to make sure that the server is re-booted.
As you know, computers won't boot if you just plug in the power
cable ;-)


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