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W B Hacker wbh at conducive.org
Thu Jan 1 17:46:52 MET 2009

Chris Glur wrote:
> Joerg wrote:-
>> Your hosting provider (not the ISP) is www.verio.com. If you have your
>> own server at home you won't need that any more.
> Will it be economic to have a home-server, when boxes can be shutdown
> and rebooted to the 'same state' by saving the relevevant RAM conditions 
> to disk ?
> Altho' I don't pay for electricity, society pays for me.
> Since 'laying out the various bits & pieces to familiar locations' is a
> major task, in increasing productivety in eg. Linux, a killer app. which
> is long over due, would allow a power-down and reboot to continue
> from the same 'layout'.   I suspect it may already exist ?

For more than 20 years..

The 'killer app' if you will is a side-effect of virtualization, and is 
effectively cross-platform.

Whenever a virtualization-engine can save-state of the program-counter, 
registers, cache, stack, and memory as welll as the virtualized 
hard-drive - as most have been able to do for a *very* long time, then 
the 'machine' and its apps can be saved in a 'frozen' state - even to 
window position and cursor-location within an editor or spreadsheet.

Moreover, the container file to which all of this is saved can be 
shipped across the 'net in that frozen state, re-opened exactly where it 
left-off on any other sufficiently compatible host.

Finally, these containers often open to an active state faster than 
their ordinary 'bare-metal' host could boot and open the apps to the 
same level of usefulness.

Thereafter the 'killer app' is whatever rocks your boat.


> == Chris Glur.
> PS. 2 more trivial tasks that LEO + vnc allows you to do,
> with the the look & feel of NO:
> * spell check,
> * someone complained that my NO email date fields were not 
> RFC compliant [NO's Sytem.Date 's output is not RFC compliant]
> apparently linux's `date` output is.
> Previously I'd have to paste it into a linux file and read that
> with LEO, which is too much bother.  Now with LEO + vnc 
> you can see the field to be copyPasted all on the same screen.
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