[Oberon] Re: Power-down restoration

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jan 5 05:40:09 MET 2009

BTW my motive for origniation this topic was NOT how
to restore after an unintended power-down; but how to
be able to restore to not lose the work-continuity [especially
to mental model of where all the pieces are located] after
an intentional 'soft-landing'. It's about energy saving.

> > I've often wondered how difficult it would be to
> > restore the arrangement of the tree of User & System
> > viewers under Native Oberon.

John Drake  wrote:
> I'm always up for learning something new. 
> --snip--
> From an Oberon perspective it would be interesting to see this 
> feature implemented in BlueBottle and if any of the developers
> were interested the link I gave would be a good place to start for
> ideas. 

AFAIK for N-O all that needs to be saved is the display details.
Other globals like search & replace strings don't need to be saved.
I guess the set of loaded modules, will just be individually reloaded
on demand ?

My idea of how such a project would evolve [by successive refinement,

Find the root of the User & System display tree, either from a given
global, or by linking up towards the root from a visible frame.

Trace [output] the Frame labels while linking.

A possible spin-off might be the easy ability to:
1. list the total set of frames,
2. select one to be 'moved to the "top" '
3. rearrange the links accordingly.

Coming down from the root, would include all the embedded gadgets

Then the mapping of the DisplayFrame contents to the heap would 
need to be saved too. 

Perhaps if you just saved the heap and the stack-frame-sequence,
that would remove the need to save pieces.

This is a non-trivial task !?

== Chris Glur.

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