[Oberon] Big productivity boost with LEO.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jan 5 05:20:09 MET 2009

Some years back I 'trolled' that ETH insiders were 'hiding the
productivity tools under the table'. I got no response.
Nor did I get much response about my investigation into
EditKeys.Tool . IMO EditKeys.Tool is a massive productivity

My analysis of why many linux projects don't progress
[for me] is that the parts: tutorials, own notes, Usenet
queries ..etc. get dispersed. A strong example is the nice
public-domain AI language package 'poplog', where I
always needed a half-day retraining to start using,
after leaving it for 6 months. 

It's the trivial clerical tasks that matter, not the hi-tech.

With Linux-ETH-Oberon and VNC you can have a *.Tool for 
each project where all the clerical details are available.

Using the principles of 'just filling in the field' & that
a convenient programming language doesn't need
more than IfThenElse, WhileDo constructs [I've added
Case because it fits with little effort], I'm playing [again]
with forth.

So here's another application where EditKeys.Tool shines.
It's trivial to write the macro so that "w<insert>"
is replaced by:------------------
BEGIN                   \ WHILE 
    code1 n                \ bool
WHILE                   \ DO
    code2  -(n+1)     \ Stmt
REPEAT                  \ WEND
    balance Stak cr)  -(n+1)

And the reserved words are BOLD-red of course.
And you adapt/evolve it as you use it.

So instead of grovelling, constructing with chars,
you build with BIG-blocks.

With VNC enabled my gforth.Tool has the following 
mess as its 'contol panel':-
EditKeys.Reset EditKeys.Read gforthMacroKeys ~
run gforth from VNC by gf6a   
gf-tut= chroot /mnt/p6 info gforth
/usr/local/info/gfWrdIndx   ET.OpenAscii ^ Pert
gf6a  Menu.fs -e bye == fails to ld Menu.fs  after starting.
include  Menu.fs   <-- ok to ldFile after started
chroot /mnt/p6 info gforth 

which takes on a life/meaning to the originator
as he colours each part/word in a mnemonic way.

And the various notes and tests are further down the 
*.Tool , separated by "<><><><><><><><><><>",
with the contents of the 'book' written on top.
So you can skip to eg. topic :
"How to chunk stak-assertions between <brakets> ?"
by select & [Search].

So each linux project is centraslised under LEO
with its own *.Tool.   And you can have seperate
keyMacro sets for each project.  And you can even have
the KeyMacro manage a heirarchy/menu of 

== Chris Glur.

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