[Oberon] Re: Power-down restoration

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Jan 5 13:52:18 MET 2009

John Drake wrote:-
> System 3 in general supports a persistent desktop idea.
> I assume N.O. does the same.  Assuming each document
> you had opened has been saved it will bring you back to
> where you were.  But that's for the S3 windowed environment
> only.

Yes !!           I'd forgotten about that.
That seems to be perfect.
I don't use desktop mode. IMO it's part of the feel/experience fad,
vs. actually productive facility  -- more below.
Can you see any reason why adapting that to the 2-track model
would be problematic?  AFAICS the desktop's [Store] is the 'soft
lander' which allows you to power-down without loss of vital
configuration info, to just continue your tasks at next power-up.

-- snip --
> It certainly sounds doable.  But I suspect you'd have to rebuild the
> kernel.

Count me out of any kernel meddling !
I want to save energy & my effort.
VHL/Naive programming, like EditKeys.Tool gives big results
for little effort.   Imagine, you can easily build a multiLanguage
tutor/template/how2getStarted for bash, forth, python ...etc.,
where to get the python-WhileDo template, with embedded
tips according to your wish & colours, you just enter:
Any textual-leaf of any classification of texts is immediately
available via the minimal mnemonic keystroke/s.

BTW with LEO & VNC & my evolving spell.Tool , I can 
spell check this S3 email text ;-)  The linux & S3 way of
just adding extra modules is good ?

== Chris Glur.

<I'm saving this rant here, till I find how to tell MIT.
MIT, which I had considered as the top tech-institute [ETHZ
is 2nd ;-] has a java base 'constraint analyser' GLP project.
 alloy at mit.edu
I'm a softy for any program productivity tools.
Also I've been watching the OLPC project closely, which 
I  'associate' with MIT too.  And again my original crit,
apparently confirmed by their change, is that they didn't
put the power-consumption at the top of the agenda.

I noted the poorly structured tutor and the resulting dumb
kiddie-like queries on their blog-thing. IMO an effective
communication mechanism between collaborators is 
essential for any open-project.  Eg  your simple prompt
towards the existing S3-desktop-persistence-facility
is very valuable. 

By contrast, for MIT, after paying for 6 dial-ups to
change/find my password, and wade thru multiple
art-student-created web pages, I still can't post my
techno-query.  Ie. the substance is lost in the layers
of arty style noise.

This whole problem, on a global scale is manifested
in the fact that only the technical [and disciplined]
News groups still thrive. Where multi-step discussions
accumulate knowledge.  The rest [apparently the 
majority] has gone off on to the web-based 'feel/
experience'  where apparently they use 'social-web'
to post pictures of their cat.

I read that the US education system has degenerated ?>

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