[Oberon] Texts.Reader question

Alexander Iljin ajsoft at yandex.ru
Fri Jan 16 08:18:08 MET 2009


  I've got a technical question about the Oberon Texts module.
  What happens if I open a Reader on a Text, read some data, then
  modify the Text (e.g. by deleting a piece of text containing the
  Reader's current position), and then read on without reopening the
  Reader? Will the Reader operate on the modified version of the Text,
  or on the version as it was at the time of OpenReader call, or is
  the behavior undefined in this situation? In what document can I
  find this aspect described? I tried reading the "Project Oberon"
  book, but I didn't find any mentions of this situation. Is it
  prohibited to change the Text being read, or will the Text notify
  its Readers somehow of the change?


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