[Oberon] A2 System Size

Stauber Sven Philipp sven.stauber at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 11 17:54:16 MET 2009

Dear all,


On http://www.bluebottle.ethz.ch/download.html, a new mini A2 CD image
is available. Size: 27 MB (uncompressed), 6.7 MB (zip).

Please note that this is just a mini - not minimal - system.


Size information (object file size / source code size):

Kernel: 129 KB / 344 KB

System: 819 KB / 1.29 MB

Drivers: 897 KB / 1.95MB

ApplicationMini: 2.21 MB / 3.91 MB

GuiApplicationMini: 1.98 MB / 2.49 MB

Build: 130 KB / 224 KB


Total (approx.): 6.1 MB / 10.2 MB 

Resource/data files: 10.7 MB


The absolutely minimal A2 system that currently can be built (the linker
expects BootConsole) includes the following modules:

Trace, Machine, Heaps, Modules, Objects, Kernel, KernelLog, Streams,
Reflection, Traps, Commands, Files, Loader and BootConsole


System size: 299008 bytes (statically linked boot image)


Whatever else modules you include is application-specific.



Sven Stauber


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