[Oberon] RX.SetSearch ~ "g" hangs N-O

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri Mar 20 17:11:21 MET 2009

Apparently [ because I didn't save 'it' before it crashed]
RX.SetSearch ~ ("g")   and/or  RX.SetSearch ~ "g"
hangs linux, running ETH-Oberon:
aka LEO; to the extent that I had to remove power to 
reset, which is quite an achievement !

<An interesting observation of the sub-consious mind
is that when we install a new system, we can crash it 
the first day, but after using it for 1000 hours, we don't
*know how* to crash it - because we have subconsiously
learned 'where not to go' ?  >

Since it's time consuming to boot & setup LEO, I checked
on my NO box and logged my actions:---------
RX.SetSearch ~ ("g") 
== TRAP -14  Stack overflow ( 00103FFCH ) (PC Native 11.10.2001)
RXA.Term  PC = 2029
	lh = @
	np =  00000023H
	ptr =  00000000H
	tv = 16
By John Drake's:   RXEnhanced.GrepAll RX.Tool  ~ ("g") 
== TRAP -14  Stack overflow ( 00103FFCH ) (PC Native 11.10.2001)
RXAx.Term  PC = 2046
	lh =  00000000X
	np =  00000000H
	ptr =  00000000H
	tv = 0
Perhaps RX.SetSearch ( ~ ("g")) is 'better' but that's not
the topic of investigation now ?

Can some one *ELSE* look into this ?

I've commented-on/criticised RX before - repeatedly !
That 'sed' is massively used in Linux - especially inside
scripts, demonstrates how essential this utility is.

What I was trying to do was:
Mark text stretch to
= remove leading space/tabs
= remove all char ">"
= merge & line-break all lines @ < LenMax
= insert leading "> " to each line.

With little knowledge of linux, I acheived this, by
stringing some existing filters together.

How is A2 for sed-ing ?
AFAICS RX has a fundamental flaw:
there's no way to specify "starting from the line-start",
because this would normally be defined as 'after <cr>'
[except for the first line], and since matching stops at
<cr>, by definition there's nothing after <cr>.

How else do you delete the 'line-leading white-chars' ?

I.e. you can delete 'the first occurance of a string, but
not 'only if it's the first-substring of the line'.

==Chris Glur.

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