[Oberon] MTU and Ethernet NIC drivers.

PETER EASTHOPE peasthope at shaw.ca
Fri May 8 00:44:45 MEST 2009


> But a standard Ethernet MTU (not being a Jumbo Frame)
> is defined as 1500 bytes.
> So, with the 14 bytes Ethernet header this makes 1514.
> - I guess the 4 byte CRC is NOT included in that "MaxPkt".
>   If CRC is included, "MaxPkt" should be 1518.
> - I guess the 4 byte VLAN is not included either. Else
>   the "MaxPkt" should be 1522

Given this, the code conforms to standards although 
not in the most obvious manner.  The CRC is mandatory?
With studying the code more, I should confirm all you 
have said.

Thanks,             ... Peter

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