[Oberon] Transfering A2 from one PC's IDE to another ? Finally the A2 CD boots perfectly on my friends newer PC., where I installed it but could not run it from the IDE, because, in the short time I couldn't see how to make a booter. I've always used a fd0 booter for N-O. And I noticed that A2's Oberon.Text has no dial-up section and no relevant *ial* files. I wanted to test a dialup modem. Does A2 have dialup facilities ? Perhaps because the CDreader which I [seldom] use is marginal with my A2-CD, when I revisit my friend's good PC, I want to: 1. set up his booter for A2, 2. copy his A2 installation onto an IDE [partition] of mine, to hopefully run on my PC.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu May 28 02:54:56 MEST 2009

  Is this viable ?

 == Chris Glur.

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