[Oberon] Re. Transfering A2 from one PC's IDE to another ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Fri May 29 13:17:13 MEST 2009

Shoot ! My previous post came out mangled via ETH-echo,
and my gmail-self-post-confirm. 
But my N-O self-post-confirm was OK.

I'm guessing it's to do with the Oberon. Linux, DOS
line-terminators, which arise when using Linux-ETHoberon
and V4 together.

Many text viewers show DOS & linux line terminators as
equivalent, but later processes treat them differently.
One of the worst problems I've met is a text editor which,
not uncommonly, converts <tab> to <Nspaces>.
So that files which need a tab as part of their syntax
[like makefiles] fail, strangely !!

========= Previous query:--
Finally the A2 CD boots perfectly on my friends newer PC, 
where I installed it but could not run it from the IDE, 
because, in the short time I couldn't see how to make a booter. 

I've always used a fd0 booter for N-O. 
And I noticed that A2's Oberon.Text has no dial-up section and 
no relevant *ial* files. 
I wanted to test a dialup modem. 
Does A2 have dialup facilities ? 

Perhaps because the CDreader which I [seldom] use is marginal 
with my A2-CD, when I revisit my friend's good PC, I want to: 
1. set up his booter for A2, 
2. copy his A2 installation onto an IDE [partition] of mine, 
to hopefully run on my PC.

Is this viable ?

== Chris Glur.

PS. The running A2 may use drivers which don't work when
the 'partition' is copied to a different box.
I've always been able to copy S3, N-O & DOSbased between
Can my N-O/LinuxETHoberon at least read the A2 files ?

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