[Oberon] Re: Transfering A2 from one PC's IDE to another ? Finally

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat May 30 18:56:57 MEST 2009

> > the A2 CD boots perfectly on my friends newer PC.,where I installed it but
> > could not run it from the IDE, because, in the short time I couldn't see
> > how to make a booter. I've always used a fd0 booter for N-O. And I
> > noticed that A2's Oberon.Text has no dial-up section and no relevant *ial*
> > files.

Ulla Glavitsch wrote:
> the new A2 version runs perfectly well on my four core machine. I can 
> start all applications and compile a whole release. However, it starts 
> well on another machine but it shuts down if I start the object tracker. 
> I found out about this yesterday and I am currently working on this 
> problem.

Can it do dial-up to an isp ?
Can Native Oberon read A2 files - by mounting the A2 partition ?


== Chris Glur.

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