[Oberon] AW: Aos documentation.

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Sat Feb 6 15:30:02 MET 2010

> I accept the assumption that A2 is not going to support
> all the HW on earth. The ETH team is not staffed for
> such a challenge which is hard work not relevant in research.
> If it meets specs, we go on ...
> So difficult(?): was it so easy with diskettes? one had
> to respond a few times to the prompter.
> Now, with a bit of luck (in terms of HW match) booting
> from an A2 CD leads to a running A2 in a few seconds.

Are you saying that I CAN boot from a diskette,
which I can incrementally modify to capture my approach
towards the hardware parameters *AND* continue the 
boot from the CD ?!

If so, I'd search for the docos of how to do that.

I guess the args, like the init-string which are good for 
N-O can't just be copied?


== Chris Glur.

PS. IMO, that the mail-list is dead indicated to me that A2
is not used like N-O *WAS*.

These days, I typically run 3 leo [linux eth oberon] on my
box, to get superior multi-frame-editing of projects.
How else can you:
* d/l an *.html,
* pop pdf images into it,
* koki-pen-colour-mark text stretches while you're trying
      to extract understanding of the text.
* store & open the file immediately with a single clux ?

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