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Sun Feb 7 17:35:41 MET 2010

cg> ... not used like N-O *WAS*.

FWIIW I still use PC Native Oberon as my primary workstation.
A Debian Linux system is beside it but NO is used for almost 
all text editing, html editing, mail and FTP and perhaps half 
of all Web browsing.  The Linux system is the LAN router and 
handles pdf, fancy Web pages and etc.

ss> I'm not familiar with N-O, ...

For sake of intellectual interest and for professional 
background, a few hours spent installing and trying NO 
is a good investment.  This advice isn't meant to be 
overbearing.  It's similar to saying to a friend 
preparing for a trip to Europe, "Try to see the Louvre; 
if you can get to St. Petersburg, don't miss the 
Hermitage Museum."

I still insist that a computer be a tool, as efficient 
as possible.  Commercial software developers do their 
best to make computers an overwhelming industry and 
too many administrators and IT staff accept this as if 
there is no alternative.

Regards,       ... Peter E.

Google "pathology workshop"

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