[Oberon] Re. HOW2 'magnify view' for BB?Aos?A2?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Thu Feb 18 07:21:30 MET 2010

> The following key combinations can be used for zooming/panning in 
> BB/Aos/A2:
> META+PgUp: zoom in
> META+PgDn: zoom out
> META+Cursor: Pan "one screen" to cursor direction
> For more details, see MainMenu -> Docu -> Tutorial (Tutorial.Text).

Thanks, I remember in my first ETH Oberon, I couldn't scroll-down 
to read how-to-scroll-down.
> >>>BTW Isn't it strange that CD-Aos won't boot when my
> 80 GB ide is connected, [which has some 32 GB limit
> problems, with certain stuff], when the CD-installation
> should not use any other IDE/partition?
> Yes, it is. Would be interesting to know why. If you find time, you
> could boot from the CD and enable the "screen tracing" settings by 
> setting the following config strings:
> TraceMode=3D1   <---? TraceMode=1
> Init=3D
> Boot=3D    <---? Boot=

IIRC I tested to confirm that another CD [debian etch] *COULD*
boot, with the 32GB-problem-hda. So it seems a problem of A2's CD.
And then, IIRC, I tried the A2 CD with BIOS 'not recognising hda',
to further isolate the 32GB problem from the CD. It still failed.

I can't test it again till I take the PC off its current job's settings.
It's amazing that no one has yet made a utility to restore all the
settings to allow a PC to be switched off.
That's a perfect example of Alvin Toffler's 70's "replacing material
by intelligence". Eg. so that we don't need the PCs to run 24/7.

> In particular, the output of the ATA disk driver (ATADisks) would be
> interesting...
> You may also clear other config strings to avoid that the output does
> not fit the screen anymore.

Then this becomes a FURTHER pending project.

== Chris Glur.

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