AW: [Oberon] Help! Boot hangs with "OBE"

Stauber Sven Philipp sven.stauber at
Fri Aug 6 17:18:05 MEST 2010

Hi Duke,

> [...] Is there docs for _that_?

I copied it from (OBL is also used for booting A2). Originally, I've found it somewhere on the "old" Oberon  (website Click on "Native Oberon" on the navigation bar. Note that most links on that website are broken but can be manually fixed ;-) by replacing www.oberon to www-old.oberon in the URLs.

Oh, I've just found at that the links seem to work on the new Oberon website .

> What is this NO command? Do you mean to answer "no" to a prompt given by Partitions.UpdateBootLoader?

 I just wanted to indicate that Partitions.UpdateBootLoader is supposed to be a command that is executed under Native Oberon (not A2).

>So... To fix my problem I would: [...]

Since the installation doesn't take long, I would recommend you to do a complete re-install (in case other things went wrong during the first installation attempt).
If the boot loader is the only problem,  you can re-install it using Partitions.UpdateBootLoader dev#part OBL.Bin ~. Use Partitions.Show ~ to see a list of all partitions and find at the correct value for the dev#part argument.

Partitions.Format & Safe-Mode:
There is a safety mechanism to prevent users from accidently formatting Oberon volumes. If such an attempt is detected, the format command will refuse to do its job and tell the user that the target Oberon partition is already formatted.
This safety mechanism is disabled by calling the command Partitions.Unsafe ~ and can be enabled again by calling Partitions.Safe ~


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On Fri, 6 Aug 2010, Stauber  Sven Philipp wrote:

Hello Sven ...

I'm going to start calling you "Obe1", or "OberonMan1" or something. You are _everywhere_ that relates to ETH "systems" :D

> Here some information about the Oberon Boot Loader (OBL) output:
> O The partition boot record is loaded and its execution started OB The 
> partition boot record is relocated in memory OBE The rest of bootstrap 
> loader (from sector with LBA 1 to 3) is loaded OBER The signature 
> (AA55H as first two bytes in the second sector) was valid, the boot 
> loader was authentified OBERON Config tableis not empty OBERON 
> loading... The boot table, containing configuration strings, was read 
> correctly. Execution of machine code located in the second sector 
> began. The kernel is being read. All is well, the desktop should 
> appear soon

I'll keep this for future reference. The above tells me what _has been done_, but it doesn't tell me what to do if it hangs at any particular point. Is there docs for _that_?

> This look very much like something with the installation of the boot 
> loader (first 4 sectors on Oberon partition) went wrong.  The boot 
> loader is normally installed when you format a Oberon volume (it can 
> be installed later using the NO command Partitions.UpdateBootLoader).

What is this NO command? Do you mean to answer "no" to a prompt given by Partitions.UpdateBootLoader?

So... To fix my problem I would:

1. boot from "Live Diskette" ;)
2. load the install script
3. select the correct partition
4. issue the command _Partitions.UpdateBootLoader_

> When installing NO using the installation script, be sure to keep an 
> eye on the output displayed in System.Log. May be the 
> Partitions.Format command complained...

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