AW: [Oberon] Help! Boot hangs with "OBE"

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Fri Aug 6 19:09:38 MEST 2010

On Fri, 6 Aug 2010, Stauber  Sven Philipp wrote:

Sven ..

Thanks for the URLs..

> > What is this NO command? Do you mean to answer "no" to a prompt given by Partitions.UpdateBootLoader?
>  I just wanted to indicate that Partitions.UpdateBootLoader is supposed to be a command that is executed under Native Oberon (not A2).

doh! NO = Native Oberon ;D

It was too early in the morning when I asked the question. I needed a
good cup of Swiss-German coffee ;)

> >So... To fix my problem I would: [...]
> Since the installation doesn't take long, I would recommend you to do a complete re-install (in case other things went wrong during the first installation attempt).
> If the boot loader is the only problem,  you can re-install it using Partitions.UpdateBootLoader dev#part OBL.Bin ~. Use Partitions.Show ~ to see a list of all partitions and find at the correct value for the dev#part argument.

Ok! I'll re-install..

> Partitions.Format & Safe-Mode:
> There is a safety mechanism to prevent users from accidently formatting Oberon volumes. If such an attempt is detected, the format command will refuse to do its job and tell the user that the target Oberon partition is already formatted.
> This safety mechanism is disabled by calling the command Partitions.Unsafe ~ and can be enabled again by calling Partitions.Safe ~

This is going into _my_ Oberon Notes! Thanks for the explanation.

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