AW: [Oberon] Help! Boot hangs with "OBE"

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Fri Aug 6 18:54:12 MEST 2010

On Fri, 6 Aug 2010, peasthope at wrote:

> Duke,
> sps> ... I would recommend you to do a complete re-install ...
> Agreed.  You shouldn't need Partitions.UpdateBootLoader.
> Just follow the complete installation as if starting
> with an old drive which has never had Oberon or A2.
> Be sure that the partition is formatted without a problem.
> Normally there is a media check.  I guess it reads more
> than once and checks that the data is always the same.
> Also, be sure to do the last configuration step which sets
> configuration parameters for the partition and leaves the
> partition bootable.

OK! I'll re-install. I'm going to run the Oberon Utility Disk that I
found at:

as a learning exercise.

BTW, how do I insure that I do not touch the A2 Boot Manager?


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