Re (3): AW: [Oberon] Help! Boot hangs with "OBE"

peasthope at peasthope at
Fri Aug 6 19:58:53 MEST 2010


> What I mean is -- will _anything_ in the NO install process hose my
> Boot Manager? 

Oberon0 has never bothered MasterBooter or BootMan 
in my experience.

> I have 5 partitions on this HDD
> which is beautifully orchestrated at the moment by the A2 Boot
> Manager. I don't want to screw that up!

Now I understand the concern.  Best to get an old drive 
containing nothing you care about and install there to 
be convinced of the process.  When satisfied with that 
installation and feeling brave, go to your valued 5-part 
drive, back everything which is irreplaceable and then 
install Oberon on the target part.

Years ago I had multiple parts to allow for DOS, 
Oberon and Linux on one machine.  But machines are so 
cheap now.  Linux has a dedicated machine.  DOS and 
Oberon are on one machine but DOS hasn't run for a 
year or so.  If space is an issue, use laptops. 
(More parts on a drive) = (more risk of damage).  
Keep everything as simple as possible.

Regards,        ... P.

Carnot netboots *.SUN4C; installation of NetBSD 5 pending.
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