[Oberon] Still can't boot

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Sat Aug 7 21:25:24 MEST 2010

I've re-installed three times now - no joy! OBE_ is as far as it gets.

I've been reading:

"Native Oberon Installation: Concepts and Procedures"

that one of you kindly pointed me to! Here's a quote:

"... As you can see, Oberon may be
installed in a primary partition or in a logical drive. In any
case, the partition must be contained in the first 1,024 cylinders
of your hard disk. This limitation might be removed in later release."

AosFS lives in IDE0#07, which in turn is a member of my "extended"
IDE0#05 partition. These facts are picked up by Partitions.Show ~
However, I'm _almost_ sure that these locations on my HDD are _not_
within the first 1024 cylinders. Could this be the cause of my boot

Further down the above document, under Configuration.Tool, _my_
situation is either A1 or B1. So I've in fact been selection Option 1
"Boot Oberon via 3rd-party boot manager", i.e. the A2 Boot
Manager. Obviously that's not working!

BTW, the command:

Partitions.UpdateBootLoader IDE0#07 OBL.Bin ~

chokes with a message that is too long for the System.Log Viewer. is
there a way to expand Viewers horizontally? Vertically, I've learned
to do already.

I thought that the problem might have been caused by my choice of
Video card driver, so I selected the last option in the video config
phase - Bios detect or something. It made no difference.

Anyone with _any_ ideas how to fix this boot issue, please queue up on
my right! ;D TIA...


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