[Oberon] Still can't boot

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Sat Aug 7 21:45:02 MEST 2010

Hello Duke,

are you shure your floppy disk is oke? I had similar problems and
discovered that my oberon-0 disk was corrupt.
I too have two redundant machines with native oberon on it.


> I've re-installed three times now - no joy! OBE_ is as far as it gets.
> I've been reading:
> "Native Oberon Installation: Concepts and Procedures"
> that one of you kindly pointed me to! Here's a quote:
> "... As you can see, Oberon may be
> installed in a primary partition or in a logical drive. In any
> case, the partition must be contained in the first 1,024 cylinders
> of your hard disk. This limitation might be removed in later release."
> AosFS lives in IDE0#07, which in turn is a member of my "extended"
> IDE0#05 partition. These facts are picked up by Partitions.Show ~
> However, I'm _almost_ sure that these locations on my HDD are _not_
> within the first 1024 cylinders. Could this be the cause of my boot
> problem?
> Further down the above document, under Configuration.Tool, _my_
> situation is either A1 or B1. So I've in fact been selection Option 1
> "Boot Oberon via 3rd-party boot manager", i.e. the A2 Boot
> Manager. Obviously that's not working!
> BTW, the command:
> Partitions.UpdateBootLoader IDE0#07 OBL.Bin ~
> chokes with a message that is too long for the System.Log Viewer. is
> there a way to expand Viewers horizontally? Vertically, I've learned
> to do already.
> I thought that the problem might have been caused by my choice of
> Video card driver, so I selected the last option in the video config
> phase - Bios detect or something. It made no difference.
> Anyone with _any_ ideas how to fix this boot issue, please queue up on
> my right! ;D TIA...
> --
> Duke
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