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>AosFS lives in IDE0#07, which in turn is a member of my "extended"
>IDE0#05 partition. These facts are picked up by 
>Partitions.Show ~ However, I'm _almost_ sure that these 
>locations on my HDD are _not_ within the first 1024 cylinders. 
>Could this be the cause of my boot problem?

Sure sounds like it.

>chokes with a message that is too long for the System.Log 
>Viewer. is there a way to expand Viewers horizontally? 
>Vertically, I've learned to do already.

If you 'grow' a viewer several times it will eventually go full-screen

>I thought that the problem might have been caused by my choice 
>of Video card driver, so I selected the last option in the 
>video config phase - Bios detect or something. It made no difference.

I have to give you 10 out of 10 for perserverance! I've been following your
(mis)adventures on the various newsgroups for the past couple of weeks. It
really shouldn't be this difficult - a couple of suggestions that should
make it easier: 

As you have a Windows system I would recommend that to quickly get started,
you install the Plugin ETH Oberon for Windows:


I have been using this system for many years on Windows XP without any
problems. However, I did have a few years experience using Native Oberon
before that which would have made a difference. It is convenient as you can
readily transfer information to / from the Oberon OS to Windows.

If you just want to learn Oberon-2 without the added complication of
learning the OS, POW! is worth looking at as a gentle introduction to


There is a related 350-page textbook "Oberon-2 Programming with Windows" by
Muhlbacher, Leisch, Kirk and Kreu(Springer ISBN 3-540-62522-4). It comes
with the system on a CD.

Once you have got the hang of the language (which should only take a few
weeks) and have outgrown POW! I then recommend that you move up to the
industrial-strength Blackbox Component Builder. The Component Pascal
language is actually a superset of Oberon-02. If you prefer to run it under
Linux rather than Windows many have reported that it runs well under Wine:


Once you have learnt cComponent Pascal, as well as being able to build Win32
or Linux executables, you can also target the JVM or .NET. With .NET you can
develop applications and websites built with a combination of Component
Pascal, C#, VB, Delphi Prism and as many as 40 or so other languages
available on .NET using Gardens Point Component Pascal:


(WARNING: shameless plug coming!) and, of course if you want to target
ARM-based microcontrollers, try our Oberon-07 based Astrobe:


It was developed with the use of GPCP, C#, Blackbox Component Builder and
Plugin ETH Oberon for Windows,

Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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