[Oberon] Still can't boot

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Sun Aug 8 03:34:03 MEST 2010

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010, Chris Burrows wrote:

> >
> >AosFS lives in IDE0#07, which in turn is a member of my "extended"
> >IDE0#05 partition. These facts are picked up by
> >Partitions.Show ~ However, I'm _almost_ sure that these
> >locations on my HDD are _not_ within the first 1024 cylinders.
> >Could this be the cause of my boot problem?
> >
> Sure sounds like it.

I'm still hoping that I've done something wrong somewhere, and that NO
is bootable from an extended partition. With this list's and the OCP
Forum's help, I did finally manage to install a bootable A2 on that
very same partition.

> >chokes with a message that is too long for the System.Log
> >Viewer. is there a way to expand Viewers horizontally?
> >Vertically, I've learned to do already.
> >
> If you 'grow' a viewer several times it will eventually go full-screen

OK! I'll try it out...

> I have to give you 10 out of 10 for perserverance! I've been following your
> (mis)adventures on the various newsgroups for the past couple of weeks. It
> really shouldn't be this difficult - a couple of suggestions that should
> make it easier:

I love a challenge - but I do know when to quit - eventually! ;)

WoW! I sure appreciate the goodwill and support you demonstrate with
all the advice and URLs.

The Plugin ETH Oberon for Windows must be along the same lines as the
OSX A2 incarnation I installed on my wife's IMac.

I wish that I could say that I'm an avid Windows user and
supporter. Although I have an NTFS partition running XP on this
machine, I rarely ever use the OS - some 20 years now I suppose.

That being said, I try never to burn any bridges, and to never say
"never" ;D

The other day I did DL the "Unix/Linux etc: JVM version" of GPCP. So
it appears that I'm on the right track ;) I'm also looking a Modula-2

> (WARNING: shameless plug coming!) and, of course if you want to target
> ARM-based micro-controllers, try our Oberon-07 based Astrobe:
> http://www.astrobe.com

I've been following your presence in various Newsgroups, Lists, and
Forums and have wondered about the ARM processors, and their
prevalence / usage. I should Google that - when I have NO up and
running ;)

Thanks again for all the great recommendations. Your message _will_ be
archived here!


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