[Oberon] Books (was: Still can't boot)

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Mon Aug 9 04:31:36 MEST 2010

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Chris Burrows wrote:

> >
> >Much appreciated! Gee - I'm glad you Oberon guys are still
> >around ( and reading this list!) ;) Otherwise I might be
> >stumbling around _a long time_ getting nowhere fast. Thanks again..
> >
> No problems. However, if we weren't around you wouldn't need to worry - you
> would just have to do what we did when learning the system (before we had
> access to the internet) i.e. RTFM ;-)

How many times have I heard _that_ line - and used it myself! ;) In
the good old days, we .....

I'm in the process of accumulating the necessary docs.

> Fortunately Oberon came with a number of excellent text books:
Pretty hard to find anymore!

> http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/bibliography/publications

I was just poking around there for a bit! There's _a lot_ of material
on programming Oberon and Modula! I didn't see too much on using th NO
_system_. I'll look around some more in the dusty archives.

> I particularly recommend the ones authored by Wirth and / or Reiser and / or
> H. Mössenböck. A few can be downloaded as PDF files. I just checked Amazon -
> some of them are almost cheaper to buy as a second-hand copy than it would
> be to download them and print them out! The PDFs are great for searching but
> I find the bound books more convenient to read than a printout.

I agree! I prefer a book myself. Although I must admit that I _really_
enjoy reading and annotating PDF files on my wife's IMAC using the
"Skim" pdf reader.

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