[Oberon] New user tips

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at ml1.net
Mon Aug 9 14:44:56 MEST 2010

On Mon, 9 Aug 2010, Chris Glur wrote:

> >Is that how one issues commands in NO - terminating them with
> >an asterisk (*) and not a ~ as in A2?
> "*" means <use the marked [with F1] frame>
> "^" means <use the selected [with RM] fileName>
> LM=leftMouse; MM=MidMouse;RM=RightMouse - buttons.
> Apparently your SystemTrackFrames have auto-used the
> 'compact MenuFrame' to fit in the narrow width.
> So, MM on the left-most-button and use the resulting drop
> down menu.

Thanks for the re-cap

> You need to get a minmal system running and start reading:
> System.Directory  *.Text
>   will give a list of likely tutors

Roger, WilCo! ;)

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