[Oberon] New user tips

Stefan Salewski mail at ssalewski.de
Mon Aug 9 16:14:26 MEST 2010

On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 00:00 +0000, Chris Glur wrote:
> Chris Burrows wrote:
> >The PDFs are great for searching
> How do Windows-users extract 53 lines of text from a pdf to email
> and 'edit & fax' ?
> ----------

For Linux selecting and copy to clipboard works most of the time (evince
pdf viewer) and we have tools like pdftotext available.

Should be similar for Windows -- for stubborn cases optical character
recognition is an option.

OK, I am sure some windows users will make a screenshot, store in
JPEG !!!, and use Paint as an "Text-Editor".

New user tips? It was my assumption that Oberon died some years ago
(which I really regret). OK, it may be in coma, but I can not believe
that it will ever wake up. This is for Oberon Operating System and

Best regards

Stefan Salewski

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