[Oberon] Re: New user tips

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Aug 10 05:57:46 MEST 2010

Duke wrote:-
> > As above leo= ETH Oberon (2.4.3) for linux x86
> > I used lno, but when it updated it needed a frame buffer
> > which I couldn't get on that PC.
> OK! I DLed last night.

Because leo has extra 'hooks into' Linux, it can be more problematic
than plain N-O.

> > I don't know about the new disks, but with the old IDEs, I'd make
> > 2 FATs, the 1st starts below cylinder 1024.
> > Accessing FAT from N-O is clunky. I only used it for emergencies.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Now, _that_ sucks!

leo acceses linux or FAT/Ascii fast.
To be honest, I seldom accessed FAT from N-O, and got the impression 
that it read very slowly.
Oh yes, you had to find the Tool to mount the FAT-partn too.
With leo you just eg. 'chord' [read abt mousing if you don't know what 
this means]  /mnt/windows/les.dir/fileid1
> >How do Windows-users extract 53 lines of text from a pdf to 
> >email and 'edit & fax' ?>

Chris Burrows wrote:
> I can't say what others do but if it was a dozen or so lines I'd open the
> file with Acrobat, select the text and copy it to the Windows clipboard.
> Every Windows email and fax software I've used can paste from the clipboard.
> However, if it was as much as 53 lines and I didn't want to change any of
> them I'd be more likely to extract the page (or two) as a PDF to preserve
> the formatting and email it as an attachment. I don't send faxes any more.

Does Acrobat translate *.pdf to text ?
Because I'm so used to ETHO fast: bang, bang, bang; I've never noticed
on the linux version.  And what about stuff that's written 
'magazine-style': as two columns?

Stefan Salewski wrote:-
> For Linux selecting and copy to clipboard works most of the time 
> (evince pdf viewer) and we have tools like pdftotext available.

Can 'evince' do the pdftotext automatically?
Do you acknowledge that differnt versions of *.pdf need different
<pdftotext> translators?
Do people acknowledge that the text may warrant living for ever,
even if adobe needs to make their previous software redundant,
in order to ensure their cash flow?

> It was my assumption that Oberon died some years ago
> (which I really regret). OK, it may be in coma, but I can not believe
> that it will ever wake up. This is for Oberon Operating System and
> language.

Yes, when people get emails embedded in M$-word, embedded in
M$-office, they think "I'd better go to wallmart and get myself
what the rest of the herd uses, and I can used my near maxed-out
credit card like the herd TOO".


== Chris Glur.

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