Re (4): [Oberon] OFS aliases not being initialized

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Sun Aug 15 22:11:48 MEST 2010

On Sun, 15 Aug 2010, peasthope at wrote:

> > I'm not sure whether or not it's
> > allowed to issue commands other than in the InitCommands section?
> To the best of my understanding, Oberon commands
> beyond the InitCommands won't be executed.
> Still you can check how far Oberon.Text works
> as intended.  For example, if your network functions

Then I fail to see how placing System.Time dead last in InitCommands
helps in any way debug the rest balance of the file. The original
question was about why the various FS aliases were not being read,
such aliases appearing in the file _way_ after the InitCommands

> properly, then the network initialization was probably
> completed.  If a modem fails to work, the error is likely
> before or in a Dialer script.  Might help to print

Of course!

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