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Sun Aug 15 23:50:35 MEST 2010


My error was to describe an example rather than specify 
the general solution.

> Then I fail to see how placing System.Time dead last in InitCommands
> helps in any way debug the rest balance of the file.

It will tell you whether the error is in InitCommands.
If the error is beyond InitCommands, System.Time won't 
narrow the scope any more.

This is a search problem.  A well established solution 
is partitioned search.  
(1) Divide the target interval into two parts which 
  cover the interval.  In binary search the two parts 
  are as equal as possible.
(2) Establish whether the fault is in the first part 
  or second part. 
(3) If the fault is in the first part, then resume at 
  (1) with target interval = first part.  If the fault 
  is in the second part then resume at (1) with 
  target interval = second part.
You can apply this algorithm to finding an error in 
Oberon.Text.  After four or five partitions of the 
the text you should have the error pinned down.

A different approach is to retrieve a copy of the 
originally installed Oberon.Text from the Oberon0 
diskette.  Give the file any new name; Oberon0.Text 
for example.  Then do a file comparison.  If you 
have an Oberon system working well enough,
  Diff.Do Oberon.Text Oberon0.Text
.  In Linux, diff.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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