[Oberon] How is ETHO with USB?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Mon Aug 16 07:48:06 MEST 2010

Apparently USB is rather complex?
I'm not going to learn any more hardware protocols, becuase 
they  quickly become obsolete!

I need to connect a 'fixed wireless terminal telephone', which
only is supplied with a <new M$-Winxyz> driver.

Don't you hate being manipulated by built-in absolesence?

Some linux users published the way to connect the previous
version of this 'fixed wireless terminal telephone', where:
the hardware was 'probed' to get an ID, 
where 2 parameters of the ID,
were used to load the appropriate module/driver.

Does ETHO use this method too?
If so, different modules would be needed, to be able
 to load the correct one?
Do the NetWork cards work like this also?
Apparently for video drivers, the user needs to KNOW, before
starting, because the system can't talk to tell any probe results?
I like the mouse method: where the system and the user decide

== Chris Glur.

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