[Oberon] Re. How is ETHO with USB? + klux

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Aug 17 02:42:27 MEST 2010

> >Apparently USB is rather complex?
> Not necessary. In USB, there is a layer between the actual USB device
> and its device driver (I call this layer USB system software here). This
> layer takes care about things as device topology, power budget and
> management, bandwidth management, ...
> Instead of directly accessing the hardware, the USB driver uses a
> software interface provided by this layer (USB driver interface). 

Yes, but then the OS has to have that lower layer.
So if we had a 'native' [non-M$] system, we'd have to provide
that layer?

> So instead of accessing the device's registers and buffers directly 
> (memory mapped I/O, I/O ports), the USB device driver tells this 
> layer to do so.
> Since this layer is aware about the USB topology, your driver won't 
> have to care about it - from the device driver's view point, it looks 
> as it would be directly talk to "its" device.
> USB devices are identified by either class/subclass/protocol 
> (generic drivers) or vendorID/productID/[deviceRevision] 
> (device-specific drivers).

Yes, the device I need to connect [a fixed wireless terminal]
gives a vendorID/productID pair under linux, and linux hopes
to load the corresponding driver -- AFAICS.   Which seems to
confirm my original suspicion that USB is 'complex like 
NetCards and video-drivers', compared to RS232 & 

I can't remember if N-O has USB?
But BlueBottle/A2 has; so that means A2 must have the 

I HATE having to buy and use Win<something> just to use
this device!! Besides I don't [want to] know how to make
an ET.Do script in Win to auto-d/l  8 https.

Since I've got the native-A2 CD, it would be great if 
native-A2s USB facility could handle it.
Is it realistic to try?


== Chris Glur.

> Just curious - "clux" is an abbreviation for what?
'clux' means 'click some mouse button/s, by just thinking
of what you want to achieve and your fingers will do it,
like [I guess] when a pianist sees the chord score, the
chord sound just happens.

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