[Oberon] selecting all text in a viewer

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
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Hi Duke,

you might consider the book Into the Realm of Oberon of Eric Nikitin.
It is not about the Oberon System itself, but an concise introduction in
oberon programming. It is currently been used at the University of Antwerp
in a first year programming course (Professor Frans Arickx).

I've a zip file with the answers of Reiser/Wirth's book. If you're
interested I can send it to you.

After teaching Java at a highschool last year, Oberon is such a clear en
refreshing experience.
I think the Oberon System as a teaching tool for programming it is totally
under valued. Not only because it is a transparent and intelligible, but
also you escape to google and cannot run youtube on it. It is just you're
brain, a grey canvas and a verbose compiler.


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>> >I want to enlarge the font size of a multi-page document (some
>> >documentation). I can do it one visible screen at a time, but
>> >is there a way to "select" the entire document and resize the
>> >font? TIA...
>> >
>> According to Reiser's book you are supposed to be able to make a large
>> selection as follows:
> can't wait for that sucker to be delivered by Amazon!
> [snip]
> Thanks for the quickie education on how to select large quantities of
> text. What a PITA though! I'm sooo used to ^A or in emacs
> ^spacebar+arrowDown. But I'm going to hang in there .... I love the
> language though! Thanks again!
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