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Tue Sep 7 00:42:28 MEST 2010


> If there existed a popup menu, ...

But it does exist!  Open a text with ET.  MM down 
anywhere in the viewer where text is not.  The popup 
should be visible as long as you hold MM down.  Move 
the mouse pointer to the command you want.  Releasing 
MM will invoke execution.

> ... _all_ text-file editing/manipulating commands that could
> ever be dreamed of ...

All commands in ET are visible in ET.Mod. The commands 
are the exported procedures having no parameters.  

All commands in the popup are in ET.Popup.Menu.  To 
change the menu, just edit ET.Popup.Menu.  Of course 
an imagined command listed in ET.Popup.Menu won't 
do anything. Writing a Select.All or ET.SelectAll 
is a small exercise.  Putting your command in ET.Popup.Menu 
is trivial.

> OK! Are you in the mood for sharing "CRGtrace.Font2MrkdVwr"?

I'm interested too.  What is it?  Where is it?

> I thought that the "copy" was a destination viewer or
> something. 

When a viewer is open, look at the commands across the top.
A click on [Copy] will create a duplicate of the viewer.
To select a range of text bigger than either the original 
viewer or the duplicate, locate the starting point in the 
upper viewer and the ending point in the lower viewer.  
Then using MR select everything you want.  This isn't 
necessarily SelectAll.  It can be any long span of text in 
a big text.  There is no such nice selection method in Vi.
I don't know about Emacs.

> ... with time and practice (and Reiser's book)

Still don't have the book?  Setting ETHNO aside and working 
on something else until the book arrives might be more 
efficient than trying to work without it.

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