Re (2): [Oberon] Re: selecting all text in a viewer

Duke Normandin dukeofperl at
Tue Sep 7 04:15:56 MEST 2010

On Mon, 6 Sep 2010, peasthope at wrote:

> Duke,
> > If there existed a popup menu, ...
> But it does exist!  Open a text with ET.  MM down
> anywhere in the viewer where text is not.  The popup
> should be visible as long as you hold MM down.  Move
> the mouse pointer to the command you want.  Releasing
> MM will invoke execution.

News to me! I'll try it...

> > ... _all_ text-file editing/manipulating commands that could
> > ever be dreamed of ...
> All commands in ET are visible in ET.Mod. The commands
> are the exported procedures having no parameters.
> All commands in the popup are in ET.Popup.Menu.  To
> change the menu, just edit ET.Popup.Menu.  Of course
> an imagined command listed in ET.Popup.Menu won't
> do anything. Writing a Select.All or ET.SelectAll
> is a small exercise.  Putting your command in ET.Popup.Menu
> is trivial.

I'll look at ET.Popup.Menu...

> > OK! Are you in the mood for sharing "CRGtrace.Font2MrkdVwr"?
> I'm interested too.  What is it?  Where is it?
> > I thought that the "copy" was a destination viewer or
> > something.
> When a viewer is open, look at the commands across the top.
> A click on [Copy] will create a duplicate of the viewer.
> To select a range of text bigger than either the original
> viewer or the duplicate, locate the starting point in the
> upper viewer and the ending point in the lower viewer.
> Then using MR select everything you want.  This isn't
> necessarily SelectAll.  It can be any long span of text in
> a big text.  There is no such nice selection method in Vi.
> I don't know about Emacs.

Well, I'm gonna try yet again to do this. Do you know _anybody_ in the
Calgary area that's an NO user? It sure would be helpful to sit and
watch someone work their magic in from of an NO screen. I was in
Nelson last week - should have kept on going to your place. :)

> > ... with time and practice (and Reiser's book)
> Still don't have the book?  Setting ETHNO aside and working
> on something else until the book arrives might be more
> efficient than trying to work without it.

The book is coming FedEx from Massachusetts, ETA between 16 Sept & 19
Oct. Can you believe it? FedEx shipping a book _that slow!

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