Re (3): [Oberon] Re: selecting all text in a viewer

peasthope at peasthope at
Tue Sep 7 04:44:54 MEST 2010


> Well, I'm gonna try yet again to do this. 

I forgot that you have Linux Oberon whereas I have ETHNO.  
Not everything will work the same in both ... but the 
editors are fundamental; I'd hope it works on your system.

> Do you know _anybody_ in the Calgary area that's an NO user?

No.  What about YouTube?  By now there should be a few 
movies demonstrating the interface.  In fact most of us have 
a camera capable of recording a short video.   

> I was in Nelson last week - should have kept on going 
to your place. :)

You're welcome to drop by my workshop at UBC almost any 
time.  Schedule it before arriving if possible.  Otherwise 
you might find I'm out on an errand.

> ETA between 16 Sept & 19 Oct. Can you believe it? 

Parcel post is faster.  Try Abe Books for your next order.

Regards,        ... Peter E.

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drives survive; installation of netbsd on new drives pending.
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