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>No.  What about YouTube?  By now there should be a few movies 
>demonstrating the interface.  In fact most of us have 
>a camera capable of recording a short video.   

A quick search came up with this one. It's not the Oberon interface but it
is a program written in Active Oberon running on Bluebottle that has to be
seen to be believed. The description says:

"Some AR experiment I did August 2009. The program scans each video frame
for quadrilateral structures, it then tries to interprete them as
perspectively distorted squares. After correcting the perspective, it tries
to find a Sudoku game in there. If it finds something that could be a Sudoku
grid it does a cluster analysis to classify the numbers and tries to solve
the game. If solvable, it projects the result back into the original video."



or a later version here ...



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