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Wed Sep 8 17:58:20 MEST 2010

From:	Duke Normandin <dukeofperl at>
Date:	Wed, 08 Sep 2010 09:08:23 -0600 (MDT)
> Are there _material_ differences between [LNO - from P. Matthias 
> & ETH Oberon (2.4) for Linux x86 - from G. Feldmann]?

I've never used either.  Can't comment.  

> Feldmann's port doesn't even show any NIC configurations ...

Speculation: could the underlying Linux provide that?
If so, there might be a configuration to access Linux 
communication rather than communicate directly through
the hardware.

Is there a telnet or ftp visible?

> I did looked at both the NetNe2000 and RTL8139 code, though - to see
> if they are at all similarly configured/coded. Not even close!

If it works, the RTL8139 will be in an NE2000 emulation 
mode ... if that exists.  Probably I'm dreaming.

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