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Sun Sep 19 23:41:43 MEST 2010


> I suppose that there's no reason why ETHNO could
> not have as good a text-based Web Browser as `lynx' or `w3m'. Or a
> graphics-based one, using Gadgets. 

Desktops.OpenDoc is a prototypical implementation of the  
general concept of a document viewer.  It can display 
graphics.  Pages in Wikipedia illustrate nicely.  Yes, 
the repertoire of formats is limited.  PNG, PS, SVG and 
many others are not implemented but, in some respects, 
OpenDoc is already better than lynx.

> LNO does not support networking available
> on Linux, and neither does the "other" NO on Linux. 

I have an ETHNO system and Debian Linux system side 
by side with interaction by telnet, ftp, ssh and vnc.  
ETHNO gets the most time by far.

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