[Oberon] HOW's N-O's Navigators ?

Chris Glur easlab at absamail.co.za
Tue Sep 28 05:47:51 MEST 2010

I'm becoming enthusiastic to build/evolve my PKecon-book,
by leo-fetching the quality-blog's serial contributions.
The graphs handle nicely, but the many <graphical Tables>
just show mostly black.
Apparently N-O's browser handles *.png, *.gif, *jpg; so
what format would the <graphical Tables> be?
Perhaps 'lynx -dump *' will show the type?

Perhaps N-O's Navigators can handle it?
=== trace of investigation ==
System.Directory Nav*  ==  Navigators.Tool ==
> N-O box has log of tests.
Watson.ShowDef Navigators.* == shows good stuff

Here's a digressionary example of real-life of <how one
day your system will stop working>:--

So my previous investigation results of Navigators is
on the N-O box.   Which now is ooo.
Because the serial-ports are 'mis-mapped'.
Because lightening hit the MOBO's serial port, via te modem,
and the original user [apparantly] fitted a daughter-board
and 'remapped' the serial ports to non-standard addresses.
And due to non usage, the BIOS-cell [wrongly called a battery]
lost voltage; which lost the special serial-ports mapping.
And that's why the kiddies buy a new computer every year.

BTW. can N-O 11 Oct 2001 handle a usbMouse?
What's the latest N-O version?
How did I previously move the caret [Ctrl was MM] with the
keys, when the mouse was missing?


== Chris Glur.

PS. another BIG factor for my use of leo instead of plain N-O, is 
linux's ability to switch font-size, which is what I liked about A2.
And A2's inability *HERE* [yet] to run useably, has complex
reasons, like the lightening-strike story above. 

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