[Oberon] Re: Address Book for Multimail, etc

peasthope at shaw.ca peasthope at shaw.ca
Tue Sep 28 21:26:46 MEST 2010

From:	Chris Glur <easlab at absamail.co.za>
Date:	Mon, 27 Sep 2010 19:00:28 -0600 (MDT)
That would be for people with BIG mailing  adrs-lists !

I use Twinkle in Linux and keep the address book numbers 
in the personalized System.Tool.  Eg. 
||A B C |sip:1604 123 4567 at sip.diamondcard.us|

To make a fresh /home/peter/.twinkle/twinkle.ab , extract all sip addresses 
with RX.Grep * "|sip:" ~.  The result includes "buddy list" addresses 
ending in "|y".  To eliminate those, apply RX.Grep * \i "|y" c ~ 

By the way, the Grep command in RX.Tool doesn't have the ~.  I guess 
it's unecessary when the expression extends to the end of the line.

RX.Grep * "bcc:" ~ was a hypothetical example.  I've never used it.

Regards,          ... P.

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